Sunday, April 1, 2012

First night in Helsinki and then off north

After wandering around Helsinki until 2pm, then checked into my Hotel which was very central point of the city, across from the railway station, closer to where the bus goes back to the Airport, it is where I will stay 3 times in Helsinki, I come back here after my Athletics comp for 2 days and then for 3 days at the end of my trip. I did a 10km run in the afternoon following the paths close to the Harbour, stays away from crossing the roads. then I did the pasta buffet with salad for about 10 euros, for dinner, that filled a spot. I hit the sack around 7.30pm, I couldn't stay awake any longer, I then managed to get a 10 hour sleep, broken up a few times. I got up around 6.30am just before sunrise and did a 7km run following the other part of the harbour i didn't do yesterday. Then had the nice buffet breakfast put on by the hotel, I will have to keep the exercise up or will undo some of my good work in the past 2 months.

 I then checked out of my hotel this morning, off to Jyvaskyla by train, it takes a bit over 3 hours, looking forward to today's min there of -12 rising to a balmy 1, it should be warmer tomorrow of -9 to zero. I am hoping to get a light run on the warm up track this afternoon and tomorrow before my 800m on Tuesday afternoon.

I am surprised the amount of snow that is around the houses, fields and lakes as I travel along in the train, I will have to like the colour white.

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Flabmeister said...

At those temperatures the snow isn't going to melt quickly. Wait until Tuesday - in Eastern Finland the high will soar to 2!