Saturday, March 31, 2012

Made it to Helsinki

I had a good flight to Singapore with Qantas and then changed over to Finnair and flew to Helsinki, a couple of other Australians from Sydney were on the palne as well. It is definitely cooler here, the ears were a bit touchy waiting for a bus to take us into the City centre. The other couple and 2 others who had flown in via Hong Kong were catching the train straight up to Jyvaskyla, while I have a overnight stop here in Helsinki, I have bought my train ticket for tomorrow already, I am glad somebody told me that Daylight saving starts here tomorrow, so I need to move my clock on an hour. I done a bit of a wander around the city just to kill some time until my hotel room is ready.

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Carolyne said...

I hope that you have a beanie - Bob had to buy a beret in Paris (not so effective, but very French) when it wasn't nearly so cold.

Keep warm