Friday, March 30, 2012

Flying out to Finland today

The day started early, up at 2.30am, caught a taxi at 3.30am to the Bus station in civic, then 4.15am bus arriving at Sydney domestic terminal 7.45am, a 11am Qantas flight to Brisbane which I have now have arrived at, my Qantas international flight is due to leave at 1.45pm to Singapore, but the plane is late so there might be a delay. In Singapore I have a 4 hour break before changing onto a Finair flight to Helsinki arriving Saturday morning, I will keep you posted on the depth of snow when I get there.


Flabmeister said...

Q How do you get Alan Joyce to run a crummy airline?

A Appoint him to run a great airline and wait.

Hope the rest of the trip has gone OK.


Maryvdt said...

have fun in the snow and hope trip went well

Carolyne said...

I was going to suggest that "I can always drive you, Roger" instead of taking a taxi - but I think that it was a tad too early.

Looking forward to reading more about the trip.