Monday, April 2, 2012

Made it to Jyvaskyla - a balmy -2

Its Monday afternoon here, the snow is settling in for the day, it started mid morning and it turned all the place white, have to be careful walking along the footpaths. Yesterday I registered at the Indoor centre and then had a run around the indoor track, there is 8 in the 800 race, so there will be 2 in each lane for the first 50 metres, which could get crowded, the top lane will be a bit scary being about 50-60 cms off the ground, I wouldn't want to run wide on the bend, you will run out of track. Here is me standing on one of the bends

 Last night my roomy Steve from NT arrived around 10pm, he is nursing a very sore Knee, with him doing the 60m sprint and hurdles, he is looking doubtful for both races, he has already pulled out of the Pentathlon. Today he went and registered at the main Hall, I followed along to do another run around the track. We then caught the bus back to the Hotel, here is me standing by the Bus Stop with Steve (middle) and another Aussie John, tonight we have the opening ceremony.

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