Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back where it all started

The ferry got into Helsinki on time, even a few minurtes early, hand it to the Fins they are like clockwork , rarely late, I am glad that I had marked a few points in the City Centre on my Garmin, because the harbour we had pulled up at was very foreign to me, but I was less than 2 kms from the city, so I decided to wheel my case in and carry my backpack, because it was only 6-7 degrees it was a very nice walk.

I checked into my new Hotel the Holiday Inn Central, the previous one I had stayed in Helsinki was booked, or they were still recovering from me eating their breakfast buffets. With my new place there was no breakfast included, so in the afternoon I thought I would scout breakfast and dinner places. I had a look at Tripadvisor and they had recommended a place that did a 18 Euro buffet that was excellent Finnish food, so I went and found that place and marked it on my Garmin to find later one night. Then I went and found a bakery place for a Buffet breakfast for 9.50 Euro, you know how I hate Bakeries, growing up a Bakers son, you get to appreciate what fresh bread, buns, pastries and other items are like, not the chewy stuff we sometimes get. I found that place as well, it was great to have  good walk around the city area.

On the Internet I found that there was an Aussie bar, I was going to see if they are showing the Collingwood / Essendon game on TV tomorrow on Anzac day, so far I haven't found any Anzac day things on in Helsinki, because the main Australian Embassy in this region is in Stockholm, that is where a ceremony is being held.

I just came back from my morning run around parts of the Helsinki Harbour, I better have my shower and then off to my Breakfast buffet.


Carolyne said...

Enjoy the breakfast buffet Roger!

BlueRaider said...

Have a lamington for me

Friar said...

What's a lamington.

It's so long since I had one of those, so I'm off to the shop tomorrow, to have one, or more, or another.

Can't wait.