Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ordinay day on the track for me.

This morning I felt ok going into the 3km on the track, 15 laps, I had a good buffet breakfast at the hotel, you cannot complain about the spread they put on, plus it is like United nations around the place, I saw a Lithuanian thrower at breakfast, that would easily be 150 - 175 kgs, he was huge, I heard that a couple of the Russian throwers were eating whole loafs of bread, huge plates of bacon, which might explain the lack of bacon today.

I went to the track around 12.15, my race is at 4.30pm, I watched a few of the earlier 3km races, Peter Sandery from SA got the Silver in the M70, also Marie Kay got pipped for the Gold in the M50 long jump on the last jump by 3ms, that would have been her third, she has 4 races/throws to go, up to last night Australia was 6th on the Medal tally.

My 3k race, I end up doing 12.24 ish, I went thru the 1km in about 3.58, but I knew I was in trouble by then, I was hoping for sub 12 minutes, but it wasn't to be, I just felt very ordinary out there, so then I thought lets just get under 12.30 which I achieved. I need to get back on the horse for the 1500 tomorrow, during the race I could hear somebody in a stand that was close to the top of the straight yelling out my name, I thought it had to be by USA mate Noel, who I did the Pentathlon against in Kamloops in 2010, he recognised on the Monday before the comp, it was good to catch up with him. He already invited me over for the USA Masters Summer nationals in his home town in August 2014, he will be meet director, I did forget to ask him where he lives in the US, small details,

2014 is already going to be a big year for my first year as M55, Oceania champs in Bendigo in Jan, World Indoors in Budapest in late March then get home in time for the Easter nationals in Tassie for late April (that could be cold).

Here is the Hotel I am staying at.

Here is me with my USA mate Noel, I am standing in a hole.

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strewth said...

Great photos Roger. Well done today and best of luck for the 1500m tomorrow. Fingers crossed you will run a PB:)