Thursday, April 12, 2012

Arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania

I checked out of the Hotel in Helsinki at midday, wandered around the city for an hour or so, I then took the 2pm Finnair bus out to the Airport which took 30 minutes. I was catching a 4.15pm plane to Vilnius Lithuania, I walked into the terminal and checked in straight away, the one thing with the Fins, everything is on time and well organised, all the trains & bus's ran on time. I then went thru security, sat down at the gate, after praising them, we were a bit late getting on the Finnair plane, then we had to wait for baggage from another plane.

I landed in Vilnius around 5.45pm about 15 minutes late, it didn't take long to get my suitcase, I was met after got thru security by a driver who was taking me to the hotel, he also gave me Bus tickets for my trip from Vilnius to Riga and then Riga to Tallinn. The driver didn't speak any English, so it was a quite trip in,, the driver took me into the old town where my hotel is, the buildings were old but well maintained, the hotel look great from the outside.

My room is up on the 4th floor, it is quite big compared to my Helsinki one, I have gone from a single bed to a King size one, there is even 3 single lounge chairs with a coffee table, plenty of room here.

After getting some money from an ATM, I went down to the local supermarket and got a couple of supplies, juice, bananas etc, the local currency is a Litas, approx 3 to the Aussie dollar 4 to the Euro.


Flabmeister said...

I realise I don't know what language they speak in Lithuania - presumably Russian? If so remember that the word for 'water' is "voda" only one letter away from vodka!

GRIFFIN said...

Let the holidays begin Roger...

Well done in the Half Marathon, you achieved your goal of getting under 1:45:00, very happy with that I'm sure.

Thanks for all the updates mate, keep them coming, really enjoy going round with you on your trip.

Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen