Sunday, April 8, 2012

Even worse day at the track for me

Just when I thought I could run as as yesterday, today was worse, I did 6.07 for the 1500, I just felt awful, my legs were gone half way thru, but i just stuck it out, I think I will do things a lot different in 2 years time for the next Indoors, I think I have learnt a few lessons, tomorrow is the half, if I can get around in about 5 minute pace, I will be happy with that, but I will just glad to finish.

Today we some good result on the track, field and out at the walks down by the lake. Marie Kay W50 picked up Gold in the hurdles, silver in the shot and bronze in the High jump, we had 2 Gold in the women's 10km walk, 2 silvers for the men's individual, but came away with the Team Gold. Then we Gold to Wilma Perkins in the W60 Long jump, Conrad Burge bronze in the M60 hurdles.

Tomorrow we finish with the 400 & 1500 finals and the 4 X 200 relays which we have 2 men's M60 & M55 and 2 women's W60 & W45 I think.

Today was a really nice day, got away with no beany and gloves today for the first time, I got a pair of Gortex Gloves for $40, I think they will keep my hands warm for the Winter bike riding.


GRIFFIN said...

Hey Roger, don't let your head drop you have done us proud so far mate...All the best for the Half Marathon, you should do well in this event, it is your type of race.

Keep up the good work, both on the track and on the blog, and don't forget, we are all behind you buddy :-)

Say a big hello to all the Aussie team from the ACTVAC members, thanks mate.

Gary Bowen

strewth said...

I'm with Gary on this. You are not in your own environment and you are running great. Good luck with the Half. Go Roger. Love reading your blog updates:)