Monday, April 9, 2012

My faith is restored

I did the Half marathon today (final day Sunday)which was one of the outside running events as part of the World Masters Indoors here in Finland, the race started at 12.30, a morning start would be just too cold, I still think it was around zero when we took off. I wore a long sleeve under my Australian singlet, bike shorts and a cap, most people were long tights/top, gloves & beanies, I saw a couple of runners in only shorts & single, they would have been cold, I found that I was ok except my chest seem to stay cool.
Down to the run, I did it in 1.42.31, I was really happy to get under 1.45, I went thru the first 10kms in 49 1/2 and got thru the next 10 in close to 48, so I had a really strong 2nd half, I passed quite a few people, but I still was only 40th out of 51 in my age group.

After the run I went back to the track to watch the relays, we had a W60 that got silver and W45 team that took bronze, the 2 mens teams M60 & M55 were unplaced.

Tonight we have our farewell Dinner at the Old brick Inn English pub here in Jyaskyla, I am looking forward to that, its been a great time here and now looking forward to my next 2-3 weeks of travel  tomorrow I catch a train back to Helsinki where I will 2 days there and take it very easy, then on Wednesday I fly to Vilnius in Lithuania.

Here is me after the half.

Here is a video of the Lake before the half, they do call it the Harbour here, it may connect to the see thru the river system.


strewth said...

Well done Roger.I'm so glad you finished your races on a high note. Now you will truly enjoy the rest of your holiday. Don't forget to blog. We love reading about all your adventures.

Ewen said...

That's a good one Roger. Just catching up on your blog now. The cross country course looke like a ripper!