Friday, April 6, 2012

A great day on the Track yesterday

Its Friday morning here, I have my 3km on the track at 4.30pm (11.30pm Aus time), I have had 2 days off, which has been hard to wait around and watch everybody else. Yesterday morning I did a 7km run on another part of the half marathon course, just do that I know what the tracks are like, they should be fine Sunday.

Yesterday on the Track, we won 2 Gold and a Silver in the Mens walk, I meant to say that 2 women won Gold in the walks the other morning, Lyn Ventris broke her own World record. Also yesterday we won 4 from 4 runners in the 200 metres, Noreen Parish W70, Kathy Heagney W60, Marie Kay W50 and Peter Combie M65. We might be a small team, we have very good quality.

We did have some more snow yesterday afternoon and a bit of sleet over night, but I am told that it should be clear for the next 3 days, I am not sure what I am going to run in for the half on Sunday, it is suppose to be sunny around zero degrees, that sounds cold but it should be fine, not sure if I will run with a short or long sleeve under my singlet, I might wear light gloves that I can take off when I get too hot, I don't want to over dress.

I will go out to the track around midday to watch a couple of races and events before mine, I hope everybody is well.

Here is a video of the Track.

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