Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last day in Riga, off to Tallinn

I must admit I have been a bit slack about visiting all the 'places; to see in Riga, I was more than
happy to just look at the outside places, like the markets, the squares, a bit of people watching (not what you think).

Yesterday I did go to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, describing the brutal invasions by the Russians and the Germans, what a choice, the bad or the ugly. I thought the Latvians might have had it easier from the Russians compared to the Lithuanians, but no I think they had it worse, the deportations, the executions, the murders, I would be hoping that this sort of thing would not happen again. Looking at the displays, it looks like Gorbachev still wanted to keep his toy countries but the election of Boris Yeltsin, who everybody considered a idiot &r a drunk, actually helped them get over the line, and ensured there freedom as new countries.

Inside the Museum.

Later in the afternoon I did some more wandering around the city, is very pretty with river close by, the cobbled streets (I know I go on), but you will feel how special it is to be here, there is nothing like this in Australia. I went down to markets again, I always find them fascinating to look at.

Another thing I wanted t say, they are doing repairs to the Riga cathedral which is less than 100 metres from where I am staying, there are guys 40=50 metres off the ground day in and day tapping away at repairing it, I can hear their tapping from the morning to the evening, it looks like a very big job.

Here is my local square, tried to get a full scan of it, got probably 180 degrees.

I am off to Tallinn, Estonia by bus, I still want to write a few reflections of Latvia, I will do that when I get to Tallinn.

I am sorry if there are spelling errors, spell check sometimes doesn't work, if somebody could explain why.

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