Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day trip to Kaunas

Yesterday I caught a bus to Kaunas (Lith 2nd biggest city), ist 105kms away, took about one hour and a half alonga 2 lane highway that wasn't in bad nic, I am told that the road system has had a good lot of money put by the ECU.

Kaunas wasn't that exciting, I suppose if I knew where to look I would find the attractions, I did find the new big shopping mall and I bought a new bum bag for $6 after the $30 one I bought in canberra the week before the zipper broke, I couldn't belive that, I have a old crappy bum bad that its zips are still fine after 6-7 years, nothing lasts now.

I did stumble onto a wedding party near the main Cathedral, where the local bikie chapter was invited because there was the bride getting ridden around the square on a harley, very interesting, thats Kaunas.

After the bus trip back and I was walking back to the hotel, I this time stumbled onto a small but peaceful protest of some sort, the interesting part was the giant green dragon or animal of some sort (about 10 metres long) that was at the protest, it looked like it was built so that it could be driven like one of those floats.

I am catching a bus to Riga, latvia at 10am (5pm Aus time), it should take about 4 1/2 hours to get there.

The bride I think.

The green monster at the protest rally.

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