Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sunday in Kamloops

Yesterday was the first full day in Kamloops, Rad & I are staying in the Ramada, very nice Hotel/Motel, we had a bit of a sleep in, we went to the outdoor track at about 10.30, i did about 3-4 kms running around the track, i did a bit of a tempo run, putting a quick 50-60metres every lap or so, just to try and get a bit of speed back into my legs, I am feeling well, the legs weren't bothering me at all, today i have the xcountry at 1pm and then I have to backup for the 800 at 3.20pm, not an ideal situation, I think I will just use the xcountry as a training run.

After the track session we went back to the Motel and had a late breakfast, had some cereal that I had bought, coffee and a banana, i am finding here that I don't seem as hungry as at home. I then watched the Mens Ice Hockey Gold medal game between Canada and the USA, what a big grudge match, the USA levelled the game 2 all with 25 secs left in the game, the Canadian won in extra time golden goal, they were excited, I think it will lift the whole country.

Then last night we had the opening ceremony, we had about 25 of the 40 Australians march in, I have a picture here of the girl that led us in with Rad & myself (Rad bought her a Kit Kat), also there is a pic of Rad with Bob & Jan Banens. There were quite a few speeches, Stan Perkins who is an Australian and World Masters Athletics president spoke very well, most of the speeches did mention that Canada had beaten USA, there are about 1400 athletes here, over 400 from Canada and 350 from USA make up a big share. They also had some dancing, singing & plays about the history of the setting up of Kamloops in the 1800', it was very well done.

After the Ceremony Rad and I went back to the Ramada for late Dinner, we found out that they are giving us 25% off all meals, which makes it quite cheap to eat out there, I think we will use it again, even might try the breakfast & lunch there as well. i will give you a report on the running tonite.

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