Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Drove up to Mt Baker and then on towards Seattle

I left Hope in Canada about 9am, it took me just over an hour to get to the border, just before I crossed over, I had my last fix of Tim Hortons coffee & muffin, I then decided to head up to the Mt Baker Ski area, this ski area had the world record snow depth back in 1999, it had over 10 metres of snow, I thought up here there would be plenty of good scenery, as I was driving up I gave a lift to a couple of snow boarders that were looking for a ride up to the snow, they looked pretty harmless, plus in the north west part of the USA most people are very friendly, its the close influence of Canada. I had a quick look around when I got up there, very impressive sights as you can see from the pics, I nearly could have done an afternoon of skiing, it would only cost me about $70 for 3 hours, but i thought I am not taking a risk in hurting myself.

I then headed south towards Seattle, I have stopped in Lynwood which is about 20kms north of Seattle, I am hoping to do the Seattle underground tour, and then drive onto Portland and spend 3 days there and have a look around before flying out Friday, if you want to say hello email me @ rpilk58@hotmail.com

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Bob said...

Hi Roger,

It was great meeting you Rad & Ken in Kamloops & to follow your journey through your blog postings (I stumbled upon it yesterday). I'll email you a pic I took on February 17, 2010 of Mount Baker from the Granville Street Bridge in Vancouver.

Have a safe trip.

Up over (Bob)