Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seattle Underground and then onto Portland

I drove up to Seattle, I actually went up 5th avenue and it was very quite not much traffic, but not the famous street of NY, I found a local car park and left the car there, I was worried about getting broken into but that could happen anywhere, so I took a chance, I decided to go and do the Seattle Underground tour, back in the 1890's a big part of Seattle burnt down and because of the problem with high water levels and flooding, they rebuilt all the buildings of stone and built the footpaths below ground and this created a sort of underground, eventually this was abandoned, and they were all built over, they were rediscover in 40's and 50's and eventually a Seattle historian started taking people down there in the 60's which became the tour I went on, we went thru the underground part of 3 blocks, whereas the whole underground covered over 27 blocks., it was very impressive.

I then wandered around along the waterfront and found a bakery that sold Clam Chowder soup in a cut out sourdough bread, it was very nice and very filling, actually I couldn't finish off all the roll, so i took it with me to finish off later.
When I got back to the car park, the car was all in once piece and not broken in to, I then headed south along the I5 to Portland..

I arrived in Portland just after 5, the Trail Blazers (basketball team) were playing the Sacremento Kings tonite, the traffic was fairly busy around the Rose garden area which is where the arena is for the match and I was hoping to check into a nearby La Quinta Inn which was close by and are a bit more up market than a Motel 6, they supply a real breakfast (cereal, toast etc), on the Internet that there was a AAA (eqiv of NRMA in USA) discount of $10 a night, so I managed to get that, plus their rooms are inside and not facing out to the open, more secure.

I went to the game and got a good seat behind the goals but on a angle, better view than last time, I find that ticket prices for these sort seats are very good value.
Portland won 88-81, I didn't put my hex on them but they did try to loose it, very ordinary in parts, early on they led 14-5 and I thought this is going to be lopsided but then the Kings went on a 16-2 run, and that happened a few times by both teams during the game, Patty Mills (ex Canberra lad) was listed as a reserve, but I didn't see him warm up so I don't know where he was.

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If the problem was flooding why did they build the paths underground - which would get you flooded in Canberra these days)? Also, was the car OK when you got back to it?