Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pentathlon , the Hammy again

Hi all, thanks for all the comments that I have got, I am told that my Blog link has been setup on the USA Masters, like to say hello to all those people trying to work out what that bl....y Aussie is saying. I will cut to the chase, I have hurt my hammy again, this time thru a combination of the long jump and then finally the high jump, it is sore, I am at the moment icing it at the Motel, I have withdrawn from the 800m final tomorrow and I will probably dropout from the 3000 Thursday and see if I can run the 1500 Friday, we shall see.

Back to the Pentathlon, the mens 50 started at 10am, there was a bit of confusion on the heats, a few had been left off and they had to redo from 1 heat to 2, because of my previous issues with my hammy and not being very good at hurdling, I just started the race and sopped after 5 metres, so a good start for me last with 0 points. The field looked good and I must admit that I was really out of my depth with the quality here.

Next the long jump, this was the event that I hurt my hammy originally about 5 weeks ago, so I was very weak, I did 3.25 metres and it started to feel a bit sore, after 2 events Randy from the USA lead Martin from Germany, next was the Shot put, this is where the big German took control, he was giving the 14 metres line a big scare in practise and I think his first and best throw was around 13.84metres, he was great, Gary from the USA had the 2nd best throw with about 11.8 metres, so Martin had moved into the lead, Peter from Slovakia and Kenne from the USA were battling for 3rd.

We then went into the High Jump, we started that at about 1.05pm and it took us over 2 hours to finish, I managed to jump 1.32 metres with is a M50 PB, I was really rapped, on my last attempt at 1.35 I really hurt the hammy this time, I put ice on it but I was going to struggle in the last event of the 1km.

Even though I was very weak compared to everybody else, when I jumped everybody clapped my successful jumps, I felt I was part of a team, I felt welcome, everybody encouraged each other, it was a privilege to be a part of this group, we had made friendships for life. The jumping took to around 3.20pm, Martin again finished best on 1.68, Randy had hurt his ankle which stopped him from getting to Martins height.

Going into the 1km Martin lead Randy by over 250 points, Kenne only lead Peter by 33 points about 5 secs in the 1km race, Dimitri smashed us all in the race clocking just over 3 mins, I only knew that because he lapped me, the 1km was 5 laps of the 200m track, I managed to beat Gary home (sorry Gary) but I was really hurting in my race, I didn't even see my time, I am guessing it was around 4.05-4.10, the only place that changed I think Peter got up for 3rd spot, he looked really happy after the race, happy for somebody to correct me on that. We took some group photos afterwards, it was a great bunch of guys - Peter, Martin, Randy, Dimitri, Gary, Perl, Noel, Jeff, Kevin & Kenne, even though I have hurt myself, spending 5-6 hours with these guys was worth the pain, as I said earlier it is Friendships for life, I am really thinking about going to Finland in 2012 I have unfinished business.
The Pentathlon Group

I also want to thank Jake one of the volunteers who looked after us all day, he did a fantastic job, had to take us to & from the washroom (loo), he listened to all our issues and he never complained once, he was a scholar and a gentlemen, he is typical of the great service that the volunteers are doing for us here in Kamloops, it is a thankless job, I think some poeple need to take a chill out pill.

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Bob said...

Thanks for the photos, Roger, please keep them going. Sorry to hear about the crook hammy, partcularly as you were running fit, and you still have lots of competition to go. Please pass my congrats to Rad for his silver medal in the 8K CC. Did Rad race on Tuesday?

We visited Helene yesterday and she looks fine, better than Sunday. Please tell Rad she's in good spirits.

I had surgery for a skin cancer on my forehead yesterday, forcing me to miss the cross country on Tuesday and the BBQ Stakes today.

Bob (& Carolyne)