Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Day of Competition

Today was the 8km xcountry run, Rad had his race at 11.30am, I dropped him off at about 10.30am, the course was on the northern side of the city in a big park that lies on the northern shore of the Thompson river which flows thru Kamloops, because I wasn't running until 1pm, I went back to the motel and did a few things before heading back and watch Rad run the last lap of his run, he finished in just over an hour, he ran most of the race with a Russian who was a M75, Rad finished 2nd in M80.
I then ran my race, it was 4 laps of 2kms, it was a fairly flat but undulating and fairly technical with a few turns. I did about 8.30 for the first lap, then was 9.20 for each of the next 3 laps, finishing in 36 mins 33secs, I had been fairly conservative because I was running the 800metre heats back at the Indoor track at 3.20pm, so I only about 1 hour 40 mins between races, not the best but I decided to do both.
I went back to the Motel, dropped off a few things and changed into my racing shoes, when I got to the Indoor Track I went to the checkin area, there was confusion about the running of the
M50 800m heats, normally if there are only 9 in the race, it goes straight to a final, but for some reason it was decided that we would only have a final, and it looks like that will have 11 in the final, so I didn't run the 800 today, I will run the 800 final on Wednesday, just when I thought I had it free, a lot of the heats & semis for the 60 metres were on today with about 6-8 Aussies making it thru to the finals including Ken Telfer from Canberra.
I am now going to do the Pentathlon tomorrow, but i won't run the hurdles, I will start it but not jump any hurdles, I don't want the risk of hurting myself, I will do the other parts - high jump, long jump, shot put & 1000 metres.


Tom said...

I'm really enjoying your Kamloops blog. I decided some time back not to go, and I am not regretting it, but it's fun seeing the event through someone else's eyes. I saw that you'd bumped into Ken Telfer. If you see him again, give him best wishes from Tom from Great Britain (sprinter and normally one of the official photographers).

Have a successful time yourself, and keep telling us how it's going!

Tom Phillips

Garynpat said...

Hey Roger,

Bad news about the hammy, but hey, as you said, you are making some lifelong friends, and having a ball at the same time.

Say a big hello to all your new friends in the M50s from us all back in Oz.

Just saw Emma, she is stoked that you have met her ex running buddies.

At the BBQ Stakes race today they wanted to present yours and Rad's trophy for the relay, which you both won before Christmas, they will keep them until you both get back from the worlds...

Mate, keep the news and photos coming, they are great !

Yours in Running Writing

Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen