Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last day in the USA

Today I fly back to Aus from the USA, arriving back Sunday, I have had a quiet time in Portland, I ran in the morning yesterday and today, my fitness is starting to come back.

I wandered into the city yesterday, it rained pretty well the whole day, the city is nothing spectacular, buildings are not very tall, it is probably the size of Adelaide city area, there are trams that run thru the city. I noticed this in Seattle, I can't remember if I commented but there does seem to be a lot of homeless on the street, maybe in the north west part of the USA they are looked after better, but with the weather I wouldn't like to be outside in the rain all day, I will see you all when I get back.


GRIFFIN said...

Thanks Roger, we will be glad to see you back in Oz...

Trust you enjoyed yourself, made new friends and gained some International racing experience...

Yours in Running Writing

Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen

Oak Haven Farm said...

Hi again Rog,

Send me you email. I have some pix for you.

Gary USA