Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow & on the road again

Our last morning in Kamloops, we packed up and checked out, Rad had a late flight out of Kamloops to Vancouver and then flying back to Aus, so we decided to drive up to the Sun Peaks ski resort that is 50 odd ks north of Kamloops, the road was very good to drive on, similar to the one up to Perisher but the difference here is that there are farms all the way up to the resort and the trees were Fir and not Gum, plus there were a few frozen lakes which was confusing because the temp was about 6-7C.

We just parked the car in one of the lots, we then wandered around the resort, checked all the Ski gear shops, we even ran into Bob Pierce from Adelaide who was up skiing for the day with his wife/partner, I can remember seeing Bob run at Christmas in the Bay Sheffield events at Glenelg. The resort it is probably similar to Thredbo with lost of places close to the bottom of lifts, you can see in the picture that some can park there cars close to the lifts.

We headed back to Kamloops and I dropped Rad at the Airport, he had a quite a few hours to wait for his plane, but I am sure he will have plenty of people to chat to because there will heaps of people flying out in the afternoon/night.

I then headed South for USA, I went via highway 1 which was different from my trip where I went via highway 5, I was following Fraser Canyon, I had a few tunnels to drive thru, there was a quite a bit of rain in the last couple of hours driving, it was getting close to sunset, so I stopped at the town of Hope, I think I still have a bout 100 odd ks to go to the border.

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GRIFFIN said...

Some great photos Roger...Sounds like you have had a great time over there, well done to you and all the other Ozzies.

Will expect to see you soon, so we can catch up on your latest escapade.

Thanks for the all the emails and great updates on all the events.

Yours in Running Writing

Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen