Thursday, March 4, 2010

A day at the Athletics

After icing the hamstring this morning I went over and watched the events at the track, mainly today were the 200's & 800's, Rad did both, he was 2nd in the 800 in under 4 mins, he was 4th in the 200 and also he was 4th in the Shot put, that is 3 medals he has won so far.

Here is Rad at the Track

In the 200's Australia did pretty well, 2 Gold - Peter Combie in M65 & Marie Kay in W50, 2 Silver - Marj Allison W65 & Kathy Heagney W55, 2 Bronze -Andre Wilcox M45 (Ken Telfer 5th) & Julie Brims W40.

There was nearly a disaster in the one of the fast mens race, as the men came into the straight, one of the main officials had a brain he was standing in the middle of the track screamuing at some other officials forgetting that there was a 200 race on, he just got off the track in time.

In the afternoon I watched my mens 800 final of 11 people, there should have only been 9 people but they stuffed up the heats, Stuart Patterson (aussie) had a good run in the final clocking about 2.21 which was his fastest time in a couple of years, he was very happy with the run, i think I would have beaten one runner home, he was lapped by the winner, it shows how fast these guys are moving.

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