Monday, March 8, 2010

The Farewell Dinner

Tonite we had a farewell dinner for about 25 of the 36 Australians that had competed at Kamloops at the Lynx Grill, we seem to be lacking the male sprinters, they probably go to bed earlier, it was a great night, telling war stories and how we could have done this or that, the week had been great, the support for the relays today show the camaraderie that Australians show as a group and one of the people said that we punch above our weight with 30 of the 36 people attending getting medals shows the standard, but I am hoping that more people will go along to World Championships, they are not just for elite, I am a perfect example of it, I will be looking to next time to improve on my times here (which won't be difficult).

The Restaurant was great, we had an area to ourselves with about 4-5 tables, I had a full rack of pork ribs, the meat was just falling off the bone, it seemed to be the popular choice, we finished up about 10pm, I gave Steve from Darwin a lift to where he was staying, talking to Steve who I thought was familiar said he had been involved with basketball for a number of years, so I am sure we had crossed paths in the past. Everybody on the team was friendly, everybody had a chat, there was good friendship, it shows the mateship of the Australian character.

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speedygeoff said...

It has been great to read your daily reports. Thank you for posting them.