Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arrived in Kamloops

Hi left Merritt this morning headed for Kamloops, the 80km drive was an experience, I had to drive again over a mountain pass, it got to 1550 metres high, there was plenty of snow next to along the edge of the road, very wet in some parts, so it made the drive very difficult, I don't think I will being any further north and I will taking a different route back to the USA to avoid the snow affected roads.

When I got to Kamloops I headed straight to the Airport and picked up another ACT athlete Rad Leovic, we then checked went and registered for the Athletics competition that I am attending here (World Masters Indoors) which is being held at the university here, we ran into Jan & Bob Banens both from Canberra as well, we had a partial look at the indoor track, you couldn't see all of it, there was basketball games being held in the big centre.

We then went and bought a few things at the supermarket for breakfast and snacks, went back to the Motel and changed into our running gear and went back to the Uni and ran a few laps on their outdoor track, my legs were feeling a lot better today, the rest did them good.

At night we went out with the Banens and had dinner at the White Spot Restaurant that was close to their Motel, the meals were fine and we ran into a few other Australian athletes.


Carolyne said...

Hi Roger,

I hope it didn't disturb you when we (Helene and I) rang last night at 10pm. I'd appreciate you passing on some news to Rad. We haven't been able to test out the 'Hello' card yet, but should do tomorrow. Helene is tired, but seems to be going extremely well.

Could you also please let Rad know that Helene has a direct phone line into her room. The number is +61 (2) 6281-8720.

Good luck in the indoor championships, and make sure that you stay warm! Bbbrrr.

Take care


Bob said...

I'm enjoying your blog, Roger, please keep it up. How about more photos, please?

The ACT government has confirmed that it will not approve Dave Cundy's efforts to establish an alternative marathon the week after the original Canberra Marathon. It has also confirmed that the ACT CCC running festival, including the marathon, has been approved.


Flabmeister said...


In our experience there are two seasons in Canada: Winter and roadworks. The snow is less annoying.


Garynpat said...

Great to read your blog again Roger, run well in the 800m mate, I'm sure you will do us all proud :o)

We will miss both you and Rad at the BBQ Stakes tomorrow, but we will be thinking of you...

Yours in Running Writing

Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen