Thursday, February 25, 2010

A quiet day

Hi all, I was raining when I got up this morning around 8ish, but i thought I will still go out for a run, it started to drop off around 9am, so out I went, in the area of Billingham where I am staying there is a bit of a hill, I am close to sea level and I would think the hill is 200-250 metres up, looking at a map I can see that I could run around via some roads/streets and head back towards where I ran close to the coast on tuesday, so I will get a bit of a loop in.
I ended up running 15kms, got slightly lost but because I had my Garmin on I could put myself in the right direction. I did run up a road that runs to the top of the Hill, fairly steep, nearly as steep as Black Mtn road, my garmin showed that I was up around 200 metres and didn't get to the top of the Hill, I was really happy with the run, my hammy is feeling ok and I am feeling a lot stronger, but I will keep an eye on my hammy. A few weeks ago I was worried that I couldn't even run out a half marathon, let alone a full one.

I had breakfast at the local Diner, the usual eggs, a few sausage links, toast & coffee, a lot better than a franchised place, because I finished that around 12.30 I didn't need lunch.
In the afternoon I went shopping at the local and bought a few things for my trip, picked up some cheap running socks, I had a look at store that sells a lot of camping, biking & skiing stuff, a bit like Kathmandu but with a lot more gear like skis, bikes etc.

I have been watching a basketball gamed on TV tonite, its good to see these games live on TV at night and not a very strange times, the Winter Olympic coverage is quite poor, even though the USA is the same time zone as Canada they still replay most of the events. I just did a weather forecast for Kamloops where I am going for the Athletics, they are basically forecasting rain for the next week, I was hoping for better weather but this is winter of course, so better be ready for a muddy xcountry run.


KB said...

Go Roger,

Sounds like you are having a fantastic time in Vancouver etc.

Good luck at Kamloops ..... I didn't know you could hurdle as well. Hope you don't break your neck !!! (lol)

Hope you bring home all the medals...

Best wishes, Take care and have a once in a life time...time !!!


Flabmeister said...


A basic rule in New York was that the worst diners are always 50% better than the best Maccas etc. And if you want to try really bad food see if the Roy Rogers franchise is still aroound. I think Trigger was responsible for production!