Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Arrived in Billingham

Hi all, I left Portland this morning after a nice breakfast at Dennys, yes it was probably not the most healthy breakfast that you will get - omelet, hash browns, pancakes & coffee, but with that I didn't need to have lunch, it took me 4 1/2 hours to drive to Billingham in northern Washington State, from here I am only 90kms to Vancouver, for which I have a ticket to the curling tomorrow at the Winter Olympics. I have again booked in at the Motel 6, a bit noisy close to the Interstate Highway, but i did bring ear plugs with me. I don't know if I will attend any other events but I will check when I pick up my ticket tomorow, I would like to go to the Ice hockey but at $500 a ticket - not likely, the womens bronze medal playoff is on Thursday, that is my most likely event I will get a ticket at a realistic price (<$200).

I did a 14km run when I got here today, ran the streets for the first 4-5 kms, but then I found my way down to the bay and ran along a few bike/walking tracks they have along the bay, I went out along the track away from downtown for about a km and then did the track back towards downtown for about 2kms and then back towards the Motel, this mighten actually make much sense, I ran a few back streets just to get it up to 14km, I will have a better idea where to go wednesday, tomorrow I will be out all day going up & back to Vancouver.

On Saturday I will arrive in Kamloops which is about 250kms NE from Vancouver, it is here that I am competing at the World Masters Indoor Athletics event (March 1-6), I have entered 4 indoor events - 800, 1500 & 3000 metres & the Pentathlon (which consists of the 60 hurdles, high jump, long jump, shot put and 1000 metres), there is also 2 outdoor events - 8km xcountry on the first day and a half marathon on the last day), the track is 200 metres long so the 3000 will be very interesting with 15laps, the bends will be tight.

The weather here has been fine, cool at night and the morning, this morning it was about zero, going up to 15-18C during the day, I think it will get cooler as I go further north.


Friar said...

Are meal sizes in America still double or more, an aussie meal size ??

RogerPilk said...

Doug the meal sizes are not huge, but they are a good size, but sometimes it depends on how much food you order, but they do like to add extras to each meal.

Anonymous said...

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