Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weymouth to London

Ran again this morning with Bob, just did a short 8k into town then around the big swamp/lake near town, then back for breakfast at the Guest house, food has been great, as usual cereal, coffee, juice, toast and a hot breakfast, what more can a person want.

Then I packed up, my suitcase keeps growing, I started with 18kgs, I have to keep it to just under 24kgs, I think I am close to that now, but i would cary more in my packpack than what I have at the moement and I still have a few clothes to throw out and the runners I have been wearing every day will be ditched on the last day, but I am looking at buying a pair of 'Fell' running shoes that are great for running in the rough.

Bob and I then wandered into town for a coffee at Costas, Bobs favourite place, I had the grande coffee, it has 2 handles, thats big. Bob then drove me to the train station, traffic is chaotic at the moment, they are doing heaps of work to the roads in preparations for the 2012 Olympics.
I caught the 12.20 train to Waterloo and arrived around 3.30pm.

I bought a week train pass at the Underground station that will cover me the whole time I am here in London, I caught the undeground to Queens way station on the Central Line, it has been 6 years since I have been here, it didn't look like much had changed except there was even more people now.

I was staying at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park (Bob had recommended it), I had plashed out a bit, but I thought I would get something decent here, the room was small, but it was very modern, air con, breakfast included, internet, so I can't complain. I logged onto the Net and found that Collingwood had won, I didn't want to see that.

I then caught the tube into the Leicester Square/Piccidily Circus/Oxford st area, it was just full of people, cars, buses, taxis, cyclists, i am surprised that i didn't see anybody knocked over, it is just packd. I wandered around for a quick look and then caught the Bus back to the Hotel. I had some nice chips form dinner, I had scouted out the area and found an Indian all you can eat for 7 pound, a Pasta, Pizza & salad place for 7 pound, so I am covered for 2 nights.


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