Monday, September 13, 2010

Last day in Porto

Today I fly out of Porto back to the UK, this morning i did some last minute tourist shopping, spending up the last of my Euros, but saving enough for supplies. It has been a great time in Portugal, i can't say enough about the poeple how friendly they are, I come to call them the 'European Australians'.

I have to comment on a couple of quirky things here, every place as them. Here it is the 'unofficial parking attendents', it seems a number of the portugese stake out areas that are free parking and flag down and guide cars into these spots, for their trouble a euro or 2 comes there way, it is quite funny watching them hovering over their area, when I was in Lisbon, I was last person to be dropped off and we stopped on one of these areas, the guide had to go get something, this guy who i thought was a beggar comes running up and waving his hands and saying something to me in the passenger seat, the guide came back and put him to ease, but then about 2 minutes later a city official or inspectator came to this 'area' and the guy was just gone, he skipped out of there.

Back to the sun & warmth of the UK, not likely, the forecast is about 10-17 which the occasional rain, sounds fine to me.

I hope everybody who ran yesterday had a good race in the Canberra times.

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Flabmeister said...


Sounds like the Portuguese economy isn't too flash. The parking attendant situation was how things were in South Africa in 1996. There they waved a towel to attract people to "their" spot!