Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wandering in Porto

Around midday I decided to go for a wander around Porto, as I have said, it is fairly hilly and it mainly slopes down to the river, I had a good look at thw river, quite a few of the old buildings, the many cobbled streets, it was quite hot today, about 30 degrees, at about 3pm I headed back to the hotel, I don;t think I am a summer tourist anymore, the heat really effects me, give me the cooler weather.

I stayed back at the hotel in the air conditioned room until about 6pm and did some site seeing, i took my Garmin with me, at least I knew where to come back to my hotel, I found a very impresive electrical good store, it sold everything from LCD TV's, Computers, Washing machines, Dryers, DVD's, it was probably 2-3 times the size of the Harvey Normam electrical store at Fyswick.

Tonight I went back to the resteraunt across from the hotel and yes I did have the steak with a nice small bottle of wine, it was very nice, not sure what I will have tomorrow night.

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