Friday, September 17, 2010

Another day in Weymouth

After breakfast Bob and i drove over to Portland Harbour, to to look at where the 2012 Olympic sailing will be held, it is basically an island that is linked to the mainland by a 1km long 200 metre stretch of sand & stone that now has a road over it, it also has lots of stone quarrys that are used for building most of the local houses, plus it was used back in the 1600-1700's to rebuild London after the Great Fire.

After lunch we then went and visited Carolyne in Hospital, she was looking better, I left Bob at the hospital & I wandered around Dorchester, I bought a Robert Ludlum book to read for my train trip back to London and my waiting in Airports on my way home.

At night Bob and I walked into Weymouth city area (10-15 mins) to one of the Wetherspoon Pubs in town, they are a franchise pub that have bought up lots of local pubs around UK and put in set menus & drinks. We had the curry meal for 2, including a pint each for 15 pound, a bargain, I had a Strongbow Cidar, it was a bit nicer to drink than a beer, but the food, it was the best Indian at a Pub I have eaten.

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