Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Run, a Football match & a Buffet

This morning I did my first run in London around Hyde Park, if you follow the outer most tracks, you will get a 7-8km run in, I did a few extra tracks to get me over 12kms, the Pope is in town and they have setup a big fence near Hyde park corner for the Papal Vigil tonite (people have paid to see him), I thought a vigil meant that people will just wait there hoping that he will turn up to see him there, doesn't mean he will get there.

After the run I had breakfast at the hotel, I surprised that most of the people staying there were fairly young (younger than me), I thought the hotel would attract an older crowd, but I am supposing that people staying could be here for the Papal visit.

I listed to a bit of the Saints v dogs AFL game on Interne radio, then I went out by Tube to Ealing Broadway to look at a few shops.

Then I caught a bus to Brentford to go watch a football match, they are in the NPower Div 1 Leaugue which is the old Third division comp. Brentford are my good mate Nick Smith's (from work) team that he supports, they were playing Hartlepool. The crowd was about 4,700, a real suburban team, the game ended up 0-0, but surprisingly is wasn't a bad match, both teams had plenty of chances to win, a draw was fairly appropriate.

Tonite I decided to try the Indian banquet, I did the 4.95 pound vegetarian one, which was really nice, there were plenty of choices, they were not really hot, but very tasty, another night I will try the full banquet which includes chicken & lamb dishes.

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