Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Arrived in Lisbon, Portugal

After changing trains twice and missing one connection I made it from Wolverhampton to Luton Airport train station, got there about 2.30pm for what I thought was going to be 4.45pm flight to Lisbon, but my plane was delayed by 2 hours, when you fly with Easyjet you have to expect the odd delay, you can understand why they get the occasional angry passengers, they are marginally better than Tiger.

The plane landed around 9.30, I managed to get bus from the airport to the city area close to my hotel, after asking directions a few times, I managed to get to my hotel (HotelMadrid Executive VIP) just before 11pm, I booked it thru Wotif, a single room for 50 Euros (Aus $80) a night, I wasnt sure what is was going to be like, a single bed, with a shower, TV, little fridge, Air Con, I can't complain, I pre booked all my accomodation, it just saves a lot of mucking about.

It was interesting dragging my suitcase on wheels via all the cobbled streets, but this is europe.

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