Friday, September 3, 2010

Made it to UK - Wolverhampton

Hi all, I made it to Wolverhampton UK, you say why there, well I wanted to do a marathon while I was overseas, this one was the easiest one to get too, allowed me to recover from my flight in the one place and then really enjoy myself over the next 2-3 weeks.

I caught the Murrays bus from Canberra to Sydney International Airport got there just under 3 hours before my flight, checked in and then went to the Qantas Club, yes I bought a membership thru work (corporate rates are cheaper) and then sat down and had some lunch before my flight, a good setup there, i thought I would spend some money on myself, plus I can use the Internet there and have a shower before my flight, which freshens you up.

The first part of the flight went via Bangkok, had 1 1/2 hour stopover, went to British Airways lounge which Qantas shares, I had another shower there, checked some email and a snack there.

I then flew onto London, arrived there 6.30am Thursday morning, took about an hour to get my bags and get thru customs, I then went to the Bus station at heathrow to get my bus to Wolverhampton, I got there about 1pm and then spend an hour wandering around the city before finding my way to my hotel. Its about 15 mins walk south of the city and only 20mins walk to where the marathon starts.
I was really tired when I got here, made it to 6.30pm before i fell asleep, had a bit of a broken sleep, but i got about 10-11 hours sleep, which i was grateful for.

I did an 8.5km run this morning and felt ok, got the cob webs out, will do some wandering around the city this afternoon.

I am staying here for 4 days, I have the marathon Sunday, flying to Portugal Monday for a week, stay tuned for more adventures.


Jog Blog said...

Hey Roger. Hope you have a great run in the Wolverhampton marathon. It's pouring with rain here today. Reminds me of the weather when I ran the London marathon. I hope you get great weather on race day and enjoy the overseas marathon experience.

Friar said...

Its a long way to go for a run, so make the most of it.

Jasper said...

Wow it is a long way to go to get some exercise, remember to have fun and include good food and wine on your list of things to do.
Have a great time.

strewth said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures. Good luck in the marathon tomorrow. It will be lots of fun. Then go on to enjoy a well-deserved exciting holiday.