Monday, September 13, 2010

Another day at the office

Its Sunday here, another day at the office in Porto, weather is still warm, sun rise is about 7.30, I went out for about a 7km run, It is still a struggle, there is still soreness in the legs, plus most of the first half of the run is uphill, at least I got a good run home.
When I went out later I noticed that most of the runners go along the river, but it is about 200-300 metres below the level of the city and there isn’t much shade.

After the run I came back for breakfast, which was included in the price of the room, I booked this on Wotif, sight unseen, at 55 Euros a night, it is good value, both hotels in Portugal have been good, I was a bit worried but I can’t complain, breakfast consists of coffee, bread rolls with jam & butter, cereal, no cooked stuff like Lisbon, but there is plenty to eat, I can't quite get into the European style of meats & cheese for breakfast.

After breakfast at round 9.30 I went out toursiting, trying to see as much as I can before the afternoon heat, I went across the river via the main bridge, it doesn’t have road traffic and light rail and foot & cycle traffic, I then wandered along the river having a look at the Port boats, they do cruises up& down the river and probably throw in a glass of Port as well, then I went back to my side of the river via the lower bridge, I took the cable car (i had seen this operate the past 2 days) up to the City level, because the ticket for the cable car lasts an hour, I caught a Metro train out to a stop a few kms (about 2.3km) out from the city centre in the east, then using my Garmin watch (has GPS) for directions, I then walked back to my hotel, I thought this way I get to see different parts of the city.

I got back to the hotel around 12.45, it was starting to warm up, so thought I could sit in the room of my hotel with the air con on and have some lunch, watch Tv and check the Internet and then go back out around 4-5pm when there is a bit more shade, not much cooler.

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