Monday, September 6, 2010

Off to Portugal

I have pulled up ok after the marathon, legs still a bit sore but they will heal, I am catching a train about 11 from Wolverhampton to Luton Airport should take about 3 hours, then I have a 4.45 flight to Lisbon, Portugal, I am flying with Easyjet, they are an ailine that appears regularly on some of the Airline/Airport shows, you have to arrive an hour earlier for your flight, I am allowing nearly 3 hours, I should be ok, not sure how often I will do my Blog there, depending on Internet access, I might just write up each day on my computer then load them up when I get access.

I was hoping to have another 8 pound buffet breakfast at the hotel before I leave, I just found out that it is only on weekends.

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Flabmeister said...


This may be helpful. Some years ago I asked one of the guys from the Mozambique Stats Office how similar were Spanish and Portuguese. His answer was that Spanish was simply Portuguese pronounced wrongly.!

Hasta la vita