Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday in London

Started the day again with a run around Hyde Park, this time I first ran around the Serpentine Lake, which is about 3-4kms around and then criss crossed the park to get my 12kms in.

Just before 12 I headed out to Camden to look at the markets there, caught the tube out to Camden Town station, the markets were setup along the street and around the Camden lock, around this area one the main water ways runs past, there are quite a few house boats in this area. Further on I had a look at the Stables market which I hadn't seen before, very impressive, heaps of Foreign foods, it was like a mini Canberra Food festival, but the food here looked better, plus there were a few stange stalls selling weird & wonderful stuff, there was a strange shop, quite big called Cyberborg or something like that, it was like walking into a Devo film clip, you had to see it and hear the music, hard to explain, also out of the front there were 2 silver like Robots or Cyborgs standing about 5-10 metres high, so I knew that something was wierd inside.

From Camden I caught a bus to Sheperds Bush/White City, I was off to see the new Westfield Shopping centre built here, it was Westfields prime overseas investment, its only been open 12 months or less, going by bus enables you to see much more along the way, I was lucky that the bus ran exactly between the 2 places I wanted to visit today.

The shopping centre is very grand, the best I have seen, very spacious, makes use of natural light, they have had some Australian displays for the past week, today they showing off the cycling event Tour down under, they had Phil Leggett the famous commentator talking about it and they had a few cyclists doing some riding on trainers. I checked out the movie theatre, it is suppose to have the latest & greatest movie sound & picture gimmics, I have booked myself to see 'Inception' on tuesday afternoon, I will let you know if it lives up to all there advertised hype.

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Flabmeister said...


I am surprised you didn't go out east yesterday to see the last stage of the Tour of England and Wales. More entertaining than a vigil!