Thursday, September 16, 2010

Masterchef Bob & Portland Harbour

Last night I went around to Bobs place for a meal, he cooked up a storm, the pork chops, sausages, plenty of good vegies, a bottle of Piddle bee, which is a very hoppy type beer, a strong flavour and then to top it off with some NZ wine, I have drunk more alcohol in the past 2 days that the previous couple of months.

This morning we did about a 11km run out to Portland which is the next bay further west from Weymouth, it is actually where the sailing will be held for the 2012 Olympics, they have built a new marina & buildings there, plus a couple of new big hotels, it looks a very good setup there, the bay is quite big for the sailing and it keeps it quite protected, but the winds do pick up, so the conditions should be perfect for sailing but not sure if it will suit the Australians who like the more choppy conditions.

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Flabmeister said...

Did you run along Chesil Beach? All pebbles, piled up at a 45 degree angle!