Sunday, August 24, 2008

Womens Gold Medal game & Marathon

You know the result, it was a very disappointing game, for the spectators and themselves, the referees actually kept them in the game early, USA picked up a few fouls including a number of offensive ones but the Opals shot very badly from the floor, only Jackson & Belinda Snell really scored but the Yanks still kept Lauren quiet, it doesn't help with their coach has looked after Lauren in the WNBA for 4-5 seasons, she knows her game and how to shut her down. She was devastated after the game she really took it hard, maybe she wants the Gold too badly, its not for me to comment on her feelings, I am not ever going to play for Gold.

There were a lot of Aussies there both supporters and fellow Athletes, you never saw so much Gold 9& bits of green) in one place, the USA mens team were there as well and they were getting quite of a bit of attention. The game finished at about 11.40pm and then they started the Medal ceremony at midnight that finished at 12.30, it was about 1.30 in the morning before I go home.

The marathon started at 7.30am local time here, because the marathon course was only a couple of kms away from the Hotel, I donned my running gear and ran down to the course (around the 6-7km mark), it was quite warm and a little bit of humidity so I thought it would be tough running it today, I got a good position to see them come down one of the roads and I saw them run past at the 19-20 min mark, there for a few Kenyans, Ethiopians & Eritreans leading so I expected the winners to come from those countries (Kenya Gold, Morocco Silver and Ethiopia Bronze) Lee Troop (Aussie) was already well back so I thought he wasn't going to challenge today.

I will be watching the Closing Ceremony at the Australia house setup at one of the Hotels.

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