Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sally Sally Sally Oi Oi Oi

On Tuesday afternoon I couldn't get into the Australian Womens basketball quarter final so I headed straight out to the Athletics.

What a night at the Athletics, I had a great view from the 3rd Tier I was the finishing line side of track at about the 20 metre line, I saw the finals of the Mens Discus, High Jump, 1500 M, Womens 400 and of course the 100 hurdles, first rounds of Womens 200m, Mens 200m & 400m semis, which is a bit strange because there maybe some good runners that may wish to do both, Micheal Johnson did the double at Sydney, also 110 Mens hurdles 2nd round.

Sally McLellan ran a great race for Silver in the Womens 100 Hurdles, I actually thought she had won when she crossed the line but then the USA runner was given the Gold, there were about 5-6 girls across the line together, but then had to wait for the photo finish, when she was named tied with the Canadian girl I was just jumping up & down, I was so proud, she did her lap of the stadium, seeing her run is the reason why I keep coming back to the Olympics.

After the final of the Mens 1500 they said that there was going to be a Medal ceremony, i didn't know which even that was for, so I headed down to the bottom level of the stadium and when I found that is was Sallys race, I went into that area and had a great view of her getting the medal, there were heaps of aussies there, it was only now that I realised that she had been given the Silver on her own. There was only .02 between 2nd and 6th and her reaction time was .01 to .1 quicker than all the other runners that her start had helped her get the medal.

Wednesday lunchtime I bought the token Olympic polo shirt (and of course the fridge magnets), I was running a bit short of shirts I only have about 30 at home, I was also given 2 Polo supporters shirts from the Tour mob.

I went out last night and saw the USA beat Boomers fairly convincingly, we were only 1 down at qtr time, we were within 9 pts just before halftime but turned the ball over and they scored a 3 pointer on the half time siren and when they scored the first 16 pts of the 3rd qtr (it was the Kobe Bryant show) the game was over. Bogut hurt his ankle early in the 3rd and didn't play again, Patty Mills again played above his height & experience scoring 20 pts, at least the scoring was spread around and we don't just rely on 1 player, the future for Australia basketball is good, there are a lot of young players coming up, the 2010 Worlds will see a changing of the guard, Matt Nielsen has retired, I can't see Bruton, Saville & Anstey being there, so there will be room for new players.

Tonight i am off to my first Hockey Match, then mens semi final against Spain.


Friar said...

Forward the photo to "Cool Running"

They might publish in the magazine.
Wouldn't that be a feather in your cap. !!

GRIFFIN said...

Hey Roger,

Mate, great photo champ !

Send it to Daniel Green at R4YL for the 'Where in the world segment'. Now that would be a great scoop !

All the best Roger and thanks for the great updates !


Ewen said...

Great photo Roger! That stadium is an amazing piece of architecture - as is the water cube.

You saw 'our Sally' - brilliant!

Friar said...

Well done Roger.

Made it to The Birds Nest ant to R4YL current edition page 14