Saturday, August 23, 2008

Basketball & Hockey

Just a brief summary of the past couple of days, Thursday night I went out to the Hockey to see the kookaburras take on the Spanish in the mens semi final, started well with a goal inside 37 secs, then scored again the 2nd minute of the 2nd half but then it was all Spain, they levelled within 10 minutes and then Australia kept them out until 3 mins to go when the Spanish went 3-2 up and held them us off.

Last night I went the Mens Basketball semis, it is good to watch some games when you are not emotionally involved with them, the first game between Spain and Lithuania was very tight most of the night, Lithuania were in foul trouble in the 2nd half and had 4 games foul out and they still only lost by 3-4 pts, I thought they were unlucky in some referee decisions.
the 2nd semi saw the Yanks beat Argentine by about 10-12pts, but they were not convincing, they were 31 - 11 at quarter time but Argentine got back into the game in the 2nd half and they got as close as 8-10 pts, the USA started to muck around a bit, they love their 'Showtime', a good FIBA team could beat them, but I think Spain will come up short tomorrow afternoon.

I am off now to see the Opals battle the USA and it will be a 'fight', both teams will come out tough and lets hope our Girls are victorious, will report back tomorrow about the game, plus some reflections of the past couple of weeks.

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Flabmeister said...

Given the result of the Wimmin's basketball I hope the Opals had a refund desk!