Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Great Wall of China

I did a day trip out to the Wall today, as with all tourist trips there is standard visit to somebodys shop first, we went via the "Jade factory; some very impressive pices but not my liking. I caught the cable car up to the waall, did about an hours walk along it, lots of steps, ups & downs, very humid out there, my shirt after the walk was just soaking, it would very tough if this section is included in the Great Wall Marathon., very nice lunch provided after the walk, my first real chinese chinese meal, Returning from the wall in the afternoon we had another stop at the local chinese medical clinis with a talk on the virtures of acupuncture, chinese herbs and massages.

I finally have got all my tickets, still a couple of days free, mainly the early ones, I have nothing for tomorrow but might go out to the Hockey at night to see if I can see the Women play Sth korea, my first mens basketball ticket hasn't turned up for tuesday, so I am hoping the tour mob can sort that out. The first mens game tomorrow is a big sell out not because Australia is playing Croatia but its the other game in the session of USA V China, scalpers could get make some money from the USA fans, they will pay big bucks.


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