Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Basketball & Shopping

I watched the Boomers play last night, they were terrible against the Argentines, it was embarrassing, it was 23 to 5 at one stage and they didn't really recover, I think they got within 8 in the 2nd or 3rd quarter but there were a lot of players that should be ashamed of their play.

Only Patty Mills with a great 22points, weaving up & down the court with speed that worried the Agies and David Andersen who was our best big man, Andrew Bogut had a fair game he had some great blocks but I think he needs to put his hand up and say I am the go to man.

Anstey and CJ Bruton should give it away, Brian Gourjin needs to work out his starting 5, bring in Patty and relegate CJ to bench, we are getting murdered from the 3 pt line, our defence sucks, we need a miracle to make the quarter finals now.

Today I went to the famous Silk & Pearl market store, it has 6 floors that sell mainly clothes, jewellery, small electrical, etc, it is full of small shops, they are really aggressive with their sales approaches, I have bruises on my arms to prove it, I bough a new wallet for $8 that they initially told me $250, I am looking at getting a Cashmere Jumper for about $40 that they wanted $300 first up but I will go back next week and bargain for it.

Tonight I am off to watch the Opals play, they are not in good form but they are still winning, there toughest game will be Sunday against the Russians, that will decide top spot in their group.

It has been warm today, i got really confused after getting out of a train station to catch a bus back to the Hotel and I caught the bus going the wrong way and I had to go back to the Station and start again, the humidity can be draining on you.


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