Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too much Sport is barely enough

On Sunday night I went out to the Athletics, the 'Birds Nest' Stadium is very impressive, I wonder how much BHP steel is in the structure. I was up on the 3rd level, I had a great view of the track but I was a long way up

I saw Sally McLellan finish 2nd in her heat of the 110 hurdles qualifying for the next round, there was also qualifying for the Mens High Jump, first round of the Womens 400 hurdles, semis for the Mens 1500, Womens 400 & 100.

I saw the finals of the Mens Hammer, Womens triple jump, Womens 100, Womens steeple and Mens 10,000, during the Womens Steeple the water jump is inside the track just by the Highjump and men were still jumping during the race and running across the inside track which I thought was strange especially if there was a collision between a jumper and runner.

They also had the medal ceremony's for the Womens Shotput won by the NZ girl, we might struggle to beat that, and the Mens 100 winner Mr 'Lightening' Bolt, he is a showman, he must be worth millions now.

On Monday morning I went to the see the Boomers play Lithuania, this game didn't really mean anything unless Iran beat Croatia (which didn't happen), the guys just played well, Bogut plays such a smart game he scored 23 pts and just controlled the game winning 106 to 75, they got within 6 in the 2nd and then we went on a 19 to 0 run, just blew them away, we shot 16 from 25 beyond the 3pt line, that is just incredible shooting, everybody played well, Patty Mills has gone from 10th or 11th man to be one of the first subs, Australian basketball future looks bright, with the big young players of Andrew Ogilvy & Nate (Baby Shaq) to come into the team and more great players coming out of the AIS.

After the basketball I caught the subway back towards the Hotel, at the last stop it is about 15 mins walk to the Hotel or a 5 min Bus ride, I decided to walk I cam across a Mongolian Restaurant, I thought its lunchtime and nothing ventured nothing gained, I was the only customer I had about 4-5 people serving me, there menus have pictures of the food but no English and none of the people spoke it either, so I was having a little bit of trouble finding out what the dishes were and whether they were hot or not, I took pot luck, it turned out to a meat dish with potatoes and I think pumpkin in a sort of tomato sauce, it was ok, with getting a big serve of rice as well i didn't finish it all, with a can of drink the whole meal cost me $8 for a sit down meal, what a bargain.

There was disappointment at the Hotel because the Hockey girls draw with China so missing out on the semis, this will be the 2nd Olympics in a row that they have missed out on a medal after previously winning 2-3 golds at previous games.

I hope everybody back home is well, signing off for the day, heading to the Athletics tonite and hoping to snare a Womens Basketball quarter final ticket this afternoon.

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Flabmeister said...

Keep up the good work Roger. Are you keeping up your own running - or do the side effects of Mongolian pumpkins preclude that?