Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tian'anmen Square

Hi all, no events yesterday, but watched the swimming on TV and then went to the office the British Olympic ticket seller to see what tickets they had left but they were all sold out as well, there has been the issue of events that are 'Sold Out' that have plenty of empty seats.

Then I went to Tian'anmen square to wander, it wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be, it was a lot smaller than it is made out to be, there is a Palace in the centre of it which does take up a bit of space, Maybe it would look better with a few tanks motoring around.

It was a bit cooler yesterday only 25-26C so it wasn't too bad wandering around the streets, I looked at a few shops and I bought a good pair of binoculars for $20 and funnily a magnifying glass because the maps are such small writing they are hard to read.

Tonite I am off to the Mens basketball, hopefully the Australians can play better tonite and beat Argentine, if they don't they won't make the quarter finals, also tonite I will see the USA play Angola, which will be a very one sided game.

The security is fairly strict going into the events, they wouldn't let me take in an empty water bottle and even my eye drops bottle, you can't take in any food or drink but they are cheap to buy.



Flabmeister said...

From the TV and radio coverage here, Tian'anmen Square would be the only part of Beijing - possibly of the PRC -that doesn't have a couple of tanks in it. Pity about the Boomers!

Friar said...

With the right sort of eye drops - you might not need binoculars.

Why doesn't anyone invent those sort of eye drops.