Sunday, August 17, 2008

We Beat Russia twice

What can I say, the 2 best games of Basketball I have seen Australia play for a long time, in summary the Boomers beat the Russian men Saturday 95-80 and then today the Opals after being down by 12 at the half stormed home in the 2nd half to win by 20 points 75-55.

Back to the Men, after bagging CJ Bruton in my previous blogs he came out and played very well for 20 odd points, Australia started well and led by about 10 after 1st qtr and then 17 at the half, Bogut was playing well getting right into the game scoring, rebounding and blocking shots.
The start of the 2nd half Russia had a 9-0 run in 80 secs, I thought he we go again but after a timeout the boys steadied and built the lead back up, I don't think it dropped below 10 for the rest of the game, only downside David Barlow just can't get into the game (he had a shocker) David Andersen again plays strong off the bench, Patty Mills does a great job around the court offensively and defensively, he will be the starting point guard for Australia at London.

The Opals in the first half just looked terrible, turnovers, bad shots, bad passes, they went from 5 in front to be 15 behind at one stage in the 2nd quarter, the player Becky Harmon USA born who was only given her Russian papers about 4 months ago was controlling the game scoring 15 points. The 3rd quarter was the best basketball I have seen the Opals play, they stopped Harmon in her tracks and just swept in front out scoring Russia 30 to 10 in the 3rd and just kept going in the last. There were a big lot of spectators there including a group of guys dressed in the Opal tight one piece suits including Hamish & Andy from the Rove show, I think Channel 7 filmed a few of these guys outside the stadium.

Tonite I am off to my first nite of Athletics, really looking forward to that.


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GRIFFIN said...

Great post Roger, I bet it was great watching the Ozzies carve up the Russians.

Love your blog mate, keep the reviews coming :o)