Sunday, August 10, 2008

My first run in China, at the Basketball

This morning I did my first run in China, I managed to find a large city block that contains a big garden/park, I couldn't run in the park - you have to pay for that, so I just ran around it. Went out at 6am for about an hour and it was still quite warm & humid, I came back quite soaking.

Just wanted to point out that the breakfast buffet at the hotel is great, you can fill up with food and then I don't have to eat much during the day and then have a good dinner.

This afternoon I went the basketball, a guy had a spare ticket and because I couldn't see the aussies tonite I thought why not, Spain beat Greece 81-66, a fairly scrappy game and they are suppose to be the threats to the USA (now way). Then I saw Lithuania win narrowly over Argentina 79-75 after blowing a 11 point lead with 4 mins to go, they are both in Australia's group and they were both ordinary and I think Australia could beat both of them but it will depend on which Australian team turns up and they don't choke there way to losses.

We have actually had a bit of rain today quite a few thunderstorms through out the day, its actually better than the stifling heat.


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Flabmeister said...

Getting two games of basketball sonds good value. The way they didn't allow anyone out on the ycling courses I would have assumed they'd run different sessions and kick everyone out between games.

From looking at the wimmin's bike race it seemed to pour down with rain out at the Wall. Should clear all the crud out of the air.