Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Opals thru to the Semis

I did a 16km run along the thames before breakfast, I rang my basketball contact to find out if I coul get a ticket to the Opals quarter final against China this afternoon, he was going to text me when I could pick one up from him. I got a text about 10.45am, I had to meet him at a pub close to the Shopping centre at Stratford in about an hour, I caught a bus there and eventually I found him after he was a bit late, he had got me an A ticket for the B price, which was good value. Opals had a mixed game against China, they came out the blocks and lead by as much as 9 points in the 2nd qtr and then China just started to wheel them in, and lead by 3 to 4 ponits, by lead the opals by 1 point at the half, it was a tight 3rd qtr and I think we lead by 3 with a quarter to play, Liz Cambage was getting a few points under the boards, the points were getting spread around. The young brigade of Cambage, Jarry, Ohea, Bishop and the elder Harrower got them out to a 7 point lead by the middle of the last qtr, then the experience of Jackson & Batovic help finish off China with a 75 to 60 victory, now they also meet the USA but in the semi on thursday night.

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