Thursday, August 9, 2012

Boomers fought to the end

Yesterday I didn't get to the Boomers match against the USA, it was a hard ticket to get, I did my usual run in the morning and then in the afternoon I met Tony Gordon who I went to Uni with and I havent seen him in over 13 years. He was flying thru London from the USA on the way to Africa where he works 8 weeks and then heads back to his home in Colorado where he has lived since 1996. We went to a Pub near Paddington, we were the only people in the Pub, we had a few drinks and a meal, the publican was very upset about the lack of people round, the Olympics has had athe opp. effect for pubs not really near the Olympic area. Last night the Boomers lost to the USA, a tough game they played as well as they could.

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