Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A great win by the Boomers.

Today because I had the early start of the Boomers game at 9am, I decided to have a rest day from running, I had probably covered about 100kms in the morning runs along the Thames, I had breakfast at about 7am, the hotel had put on a good spread each morning, Cereal, toast, juice, coffee, sausages, eggs etc, so I could fill up and not need to eat until the evening. The past few mornings I have been catching the 25 Bus up the main road from the Hotel, it changes from whitechapel high street to Mile End road, then Bow road and not sure what it is when it gets to Stratford Centre whih is right next to the Olympic area, I am about 6-7 ksm from the Olympic area. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to walk to the Basketball stadium after getting thru security. What a game today, the best game I have seen the Boomers play in years, a great 2 point win over Russia after Patty Mills hit a 3 on the siren, I managed to video the last 5 seconds of the game. The guys played so well, even after Russia took the lead with a few minutes to go, it was a team effort. Matt Delevedova has played so well for his first Olympics, Patty was quiet this game but Joe Ingels hit 20 with some nice 3's and even the 7 footer Dave Andersen hit 4 3's. Russia played well and didn't just hand us the game. Now for the USA on Wednesday in the quarters, a very hard task.

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