Friday, August 17, 2012

Arrived in Dublin

I caught a bus from Belfast to Dublin, it took about 2 hours, I arrived yesterday, it only took me about a 15 minute walk to find the B&B I am staying at, room is up on the 2nd floor, no lifts here, dragging the suitcase up the stairs makes it interesting. I then went and scouted my run for the morning, I can run along the river and about 3km from the city is a big prk, so I thought I would head there in the morning. I awndered around in the evening, there are plenty of places, I even found a bakery that does Cornish pasties, so I will be back there, I didnt get that much to eat, wasnt feeling that hungry, had eaten crap all day. In the morning I did my run up to the park, it doesnt open until 7.30am approx, I just did a couple of kms into the park & back to the hotel for about 10.5 all up. I am going to try and hook up for a day trip today.

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