Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Last day London, First day Belfast

Today was strange, the Olympics was over, it had been a biig part of my life for just over 2 weeks, you watched, slept, heard, ran & eaten Olympics, it was all finished, Rio was now only 3 years, 11 months and 23 days to come. I check out of the room I had shared with the 2 hocket guys, Zorba and Badger, they had become good friends, I was really worried about getting on with them, but I did not have to worry, we are even thinking about teaming up again for Rio. I got a car service (included in my package) to Heathrow, go there about 1.30ish. I then caught a 3.15pm Aer Lingus flight to Belfast, we arrived at about 4.30pm, then I got a bus into the city bus station, I then walked to my B&B (CitiLodge) that I had booked on the Internet, a double room with breakfast was about 65 pound, WiFi was included, it took me about 15-20 minutes, some of the reports on the Internet hadnt been glowing, but the room is fine, toilet and shower a bit small, but big enough. I then went and scouted for a run in the morning, on the maps I could see a river to the west of me, I found it after wandering a couple of streets, there is a cycle and running path along the river, perfect, I marked with my Garmin so I can find it in the morning, there is forecast of rain, see what happens. I then when looking for food and had Fish & Chips at Bishops which was the best F&C for Belfast in 2011, they werent too bad, nice chips, good sixe piece of fish, I notice that a few places do pasties, so I will see if they come up to my Dads standard. Last week at the main shopping centre near the Olympics I had a Cornish pastie at a place as it had come hot out of the oven, it looked nice, I had walked away from the shop had my first bite, quite nice but the 2nd bite, the inside was coldish, they had obviously used frozen mixture in the pastie and then cooked them, but it hadnt thawed out properly, my Dad would have been very annoyed at them using pre-mixed filler, instead of fresh mixture like my Dads. I hope to do some wandering around Belfast if the rain holds out. vSomething th, y


Flabmeister said...

To misquote the Secks Pistols "Never mind the pasties, where's the Guinness?"


Carolyne said...

I hope that the drizzle drops off while you are there Roger.

Cornwall is the only place for pasties outside of your Dad's I hear.

Have fun