Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I went to the Hurling Sunday afternoon, Kilkenny beat Tipperary in the GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior semi-final, it was a close first with Tip holding a 1 point lead at the half, but we're overrun in the 2nd half by the Kilkenny boys, score 4 - 24 36 points to 1 - 15 18 points , there was 50,000 there, a very interesting sport. I decided yesterday to go the Ireland national Museum and the Guinness Brewery, I went to the Museum first except when I got there, it is closed on Mondays, so then I went to the Guinness Storehouse which is the Museum for the Guinness Brewery, it's not too bad, but it's all just video and displays of how they make the brew, I actually wanted to see the real thing in action. They do have tastings plus they show you how to pour a Guinness and you get a free pint, I had a Guinness many years ago and I wasn't keen then on the taste then, but I thought freshly brewed in Ireland it must taste better, awful, to say I had 1/3 of the pint was generous, if you drink the stuff you will love the tour, if you keep going back to the tasting bar you could get your money's worth on top of the free one. After getting back to my lodge, I got a message from Kerry Boden, saying that her and Neil were in Dublin, I knew they were coming this way but after I had passed thru, they were only staying about a 10 minute walk away, we had dinner at their hotel and watched Everton beat Man United on TV, a great result. Today I am flying back to London from Dublin, I have a 2.20pm flight, I am staying in Ealing tonite, very close to where I lived here for 3-4 months in 1988.

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